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Hair Loss after Bariatric Surgery

When you undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss, you hope to achieve a better quality of life and freedom from low self-esteem and a multitude of health problems. You may not expect to have additional issues like losing your hair. And while the hair loss likely is only temporary, the condition can leave you disappointed in your results. Instead of continuing to doubt your decision to lose weight through medical means, find natural solutions to the side effects through an experienced hair loss expert at Vitality NP NYC in Downtown Manhattan. Call now to make an appointment

Hair loss after bariatric surgery is an expected side effect due to the sudden change in your nutrition and calorie intake. The bariatric surgical procedure alters your digestive system so you can lose weight. As a result, however, your hair may start to fall out after this surgery.

Why Does Bariatric Surgery Cause Hair Loss?

The reasons for it include:

Svetlana Pyatigorskaya, a nurse practitioner and board-certified anti-aging specialist at Vitality NP NYC in New York City offers a range of solutions if you’re struggling with bariatric surgery hair loss. After your weight-loss procedure, this hair-loss specialist becomes your care provider for post-bariatric recovery.

When Will I Experience Bariatric Hair Loss?

Hair loss after losing weight from a bariatric surgical procedure usually occurs between three and six months after the surgery. This side effect affects about a third of all patients. Your bariatric surgeon explains the post-bariatric changes so you know what to expect before you undergo the procedure.
Make plans to visit Vitality in Lower Manhattan before your procedure so you can receive all the pertinent advice to help you prevent or minimize hair loss. Svetlana may recommend the use of potent bariatric vitamins.Factors that may influence bariatric surgery hair loss include:

How Can I Stop Hair Loss after Weight Loss Surgery?

There are various non-invasive options to manage hair loss after gastric bypass. While regrowth usually commences within a few months after the surgery, you can take some steps to prevent further hair loss, while accelerating its growth. For example, your nurse practitioner may advise you to:

When these tips for preventing hair loss after bariatric surgery fail, talk to a post-bariatric hair loss specialist. At Vitality NP NYC, you get alternative hair loss treatment options that include PRP for hair loss, among other therapies.

The NYC clinic uses a multi-disciplinary approach tailored to your individual situation to deal with hair loss after bariatric surgery. Through complex and individualized post-bariatric care guidelines, expect better outcomes for both your nutritional and hair loss issues. Contact the clinic today to schedule an appointment and get lasting solutions for your bariatric surgery hair loss problem.

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Svetlana Pyatigorskaya is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and American Board Anti Aging Health Practitioner. She lives and practicing in New York .