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Hair Loss after Gastric Bypass

Hair loss after gastric bypass often is one of the side effects of weight loss surgery. Fortunately, there are effective solutions for gastric bypass hair loss prevention and gastric bypass hair loss regrowth. You’ll find a number of suitable treatment options at Vitality NP NYC in Downtown New York City. There, a seasoned, credentialed nurse practitioner offers everything from Bariatric Fusion vitamins and minerals to IV therapies designed to speed up your hair growth. With the proper treatment and guidance, you’ll grow your hair back so you look your best in your new, trimmer body. Call the hair loss expert today to schedule an appointment.Unfortunately, despite the life-saving therapeutic effects of gastric bypass surgery, hair loss typically results. Like all bariatric surgeries, gastric bypass causes a drastic change in your nutritional and caloric consumption. While such a calorie reduction provides unprecedented weight loss, it has the unhappy side effect of gastric bypass surgery hair loss.

Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cause Hair Loss?

Gastric bypass surgery is a serious operation and requires expert attention both before and after the procedure. Svetlana Pyatigorskaya is a nurse practitioner and board-certified anti-aging specialist with decades of medical experience and a number of certifications in alternative therapies. She’s qualified to guide you through your journey from the preparations involved with pre-bariatric care to the requirements for a healthy post-bariatric surgery recovery. Her practice, Vitality NP NYC,is conveniently located in Downtown NYC.

How Can I Minimize Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

While complete gastric bypass hair loss prevention may not be possible, there are several things you can do to retain as much hair as possible during your recovery. Good nutrition is your most effective weapon in the battle against hair loss, so try to consume a healthy serving of the following nutrients:

  • Ask your healthcare provider to measure the iron level in your blood if you continue losing hair seven months after your surgery. It’s the mineral most associated with hair loss. Other symptoms of iron deficiency include a pale complexion, fatigue and fluctuating body temperature. Plenty of delicious foods can provide the iron you need, like red meat and dark leafy green vegetables. Vitamin C helps promote iron absorption in your diet, as well.
  • The foundation for cell creation and growth, your body needs at least 60 grams of protein each day to keep you healthy and maintain proper hair growth. Choose lean protein for your meals, such as skinless chicken, baked fish and lean red meats. Vegetarians may prefer yogurt, cottage cheese, beans and quinoa.
  • Substantial scientific research indicates a strong relationship between zinc deficiencies and hair loss. While you should get enough zinc through a regular diet of chicken, red meat and oysters, zinc supplements are available. But speak with your Vitality nurse practitioner before taking any supplements during your gastric bypass recovery. Too much of certain minerals, like zinc, can have adverse effects or interfere with an intravenous (IV) therapy you may be undergoing for hair loss and to meet your nutritional needs.
  • Multi-vitamins. Your body requires a wide range of vitamins for hair loss after gastric bypass. While vitamin A, folate, vitamins B6 and B12, vitamin D and essential fatty acids are necessary for hair growth, you need specially designed bariatric vitamins for your recovery. At Vitality, you’re offered the best Bariatric Fusion vitamins and minerals.

What Are Some Other Treatments for Gastric Bypass Surgery Hair Loss?

Besides vitamins and good nutrition, Vitality NP NYC has hair loss treatments to help you maintain or regrow your hair. Your nurse practitioner is a specialist at providing a wealth of vital services, including:

The medical community has successfully used platelet-rich plasma for years to treat musculoskeletal conditions. More recently, they’ve employed it to treat skin conditions and hair loss. Platelets are among the four major components of blood, along with plasma, red blood cells and white blood cells. Since they promote cell regeneration and growth, they stimulate your dermal papilla cells once injected into your scalp.

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Svetlana Pyatigorskaya is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and American Board Anti Aging Health Practitioner. She lives and practicing in New York .

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