Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a problem which affect both men and women and is quite common.

Many people trying to treat it with self-found supplements. The other choose to see specialists and taking prescribed medications. Unfortunately, this problem is often not easy to cure.

Our approach to hair loss is combine contemporary and regenerative medicine options.

Hair loss can be genetically predisposed, and this statement is especially true for the men. For women, the hair loss is more likely to be sign of underlying health problem. However, both men and women who losing hair are advised to take some steps to rule out underlying health conditions which cause hair loss. The most common general health reasons for hair loss are hormonal problems or/and nutritional insufficiencies. We are starting with screening for those possibilities offering our client lab work up and correction of the problem if it founded.

Our next option is to Rx medications which help to re-grow hair, include topical compounding formulation to promote hair grow. There is also option with home-based peptide therapy for hair loss. Peptides are signaling molecules which naturally founded in human body and are essential for well and balanced functioning. Our peptides are heling to restore blood supply to hair root and to preserve and restore some hair volume.

For those people who want to be more aggressive in hair loss correction. We also offering several minimal invasive options. The most common and well known to public procedure is PRP (platelets reached plasma) injections for hair loss. PRP procedure is fast (takes less the 30 min is the procedure room), minimal discomfort treatment. We use FDA approved equipment and products to assure safety and best results for this procedure.

PRP injections is also indicated for those who had recent hair transplant. It helps new hair to develop good blood supply and improves new hair survival and health.

PRP injections can be fortified with adding yet another peptide treatment, which is done in the office during the PRP injections session and significantly enhance therapeutic effect of PRP.

The even more advance option we are offering is exosomes therapy for hair loss. Exosomes are the substances produced and released by cells. Exosomes has unique ability to function as a messenger, transferring information from cell to cell and restoring cell health. This treatment is a frontier of cellular medicine therapy. The using FDA approved exosomes preparation, which is produced under CGMP guidelines.

PRP for hair loss

This procedure is very popular for both men and women who experiencing hair loss. It healp to preserve the hair and potential for some hair re-grow. It is also recomnded post hair transplant and improves implant survival.

PRP product injected into hairy part of the scalp with multiple injections. Local anesthesia is available for this procedure, but is not needed at the most of the cases.