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Hormonal Imbalance

Sometimes, when your doctor can’t find any reason for nagging symptoms — such as unexplained tiredness or weight loss, low libido or inability to sleep through the night — you need to see an alternative medical professional who offers options outside the mainstream medical community. A hormonal imbalance in women, as well as a hormonal imbalance in men, can often be addressed easily with the right treatment. In Downtown New York City, you can find the best hormone balance expert available to provide you with solutions. Vitality NP NYC is a balance hormone center run by an experienced, compassionate and certified anti-aging specialist who keeps up with the latest science and creates hormone imbalance treatment compounds specifically for your needs. Call the Downtown Manhattan office today to schedule a consultation.

What Is a Hormonal Imbalance?

 A hormone imbalance results from an excess of or lack of a certain hormone in your bloodstream. Hormones are chemicals produced by the endocrine glands. They travel through your bloodstream to help regulate most major body processes. These hormones are involved in such internal processes as:
  • Sleep cycles
  • Heart rate
  • Mood
  • Body temperature
  • Appetite
  • Sexual function and reproduction
  • Growth and development


The amount and type of your hormones fluctuate throughout your lifetime. Your hormone balance differs with age and gender. Imbalances can occur when your endocrine glands aren’t functioning properly. A hormonal imbalance test is a laboratory test that measures the hormone levels in your blood, saliva or urine.

For scientifically proven hormone replacement therapy  and other forms of treatment for hormone imbalances in New York City, turn to nurse practitioner Svetlana Pyatigorskaya  at Vitality NP NYC.  She provides an extensive array of therapeutic options.

What Are the Signs of a Hormone Imbalance?

The symptoms you experience from a hormone imbalance depend on which hormones or glands are running too high or too low. Specific hormone imbalances upset men and women differently, but some imbalances can affect both genders — such as growth hormones, insulin, adrenaline and steroids. While every person may show different symptoms, common signs of a hormone imbalance include:

Women experience hormonal fluctuations during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause. A hormonal imbalance in women can occur in estrogen or progesterone levels, leading to symptoms such as:

Men experience some natural hormonal fluctuations during puberty or as they age. Hormonal imbalances in men often include problems with testosterone levels. This may cause symptoms such as:

How Can I Improve My Natural Hormone Balance?

To look and feel your best, take a proactive approach to improving your health as much as possible. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet can help you stay healthy while keeping your hormone levels in balance. Some other things you can do to improve your natural hormone balance include:

An ideal diet is based on a healthy caloric intake that includes proteins, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Get some exercise every day, including strength training or weight-bearing exercises in your exercise program, which help regulate your metabolism.

While healthy lifestyle choices keep you as healthy as possible, you should also pay attention to any signs that point to a hormone imbalance. In addition to hormonal imbalance treatment with bioidentical hormone replacements, your nurse practitioner at Vitality NP NYC in Downtown Manhattan provides counseling to help you integrate a healthy lifestyle into your treatment plan.

Who Knows How to Treat Hormone Imbalance in NYC?

Vitality NP NYC is a balance hormone center in Downtown New York City run by Svetlana Pyatigorskaya, a board-certified family nurse practitioner at Vitality NP NYC, and anti-aging specialist. Svetlana offers a variety of treatments for hormone imbalance, including: Symptoms of a hormone imbalance can greatly reduce your quality of life, so consult a knowledgeable and experienced provider for treatment. Svetlana boasts more than 30 years of experience, and she’s an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Cellular Medicine Association. Contact Vitality NP NYC  today to discover your options for treating a hormone imbalance.

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Svetlana Pyatigorskaya is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and American Board Anti Aging Health Practitioner. She lives and practicing in New York.