Glutathione IV

A strong immune system protects and preserves your optimum health. The amino acid glutathione is a naturally occurring protein already in your body. It provides much of the immunity you need for healthy aging. While you can get immunity-boosting glutathione in foods such as fruit, meat, fish and brown rice, it’s not always enough. Vitamin supplements help, but much of it is lost through digestion. Only through glutathione injections or intravenous (IV) glutathione drips can you receive the full measure of its powerful benefits. Slowing many of the signs of aging is an added benefit. Receive this life-altering treatment at Vitality NP NYC under the guidance of an anti-aging medical professional in NYC. Call now for an appointment

What Is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a protein-based amino acid compound. Your body produces a large amount of it when you’re young and healthy. This compound gets into the cells of your body, where it becomes a highly sophisticated detoxification tool. It works to clean your body of potentially damaging, unwanted toxins.As you get older, the process of producing glutathione slows down, leaving your immune system unprotected. Your healthy cells develop at an increased risk of being compromised or destroyed. Glutathione, commonly called GSH, has been cloned in medical laboratories to be administered intravenously. The compound is used to combat the natural aging process by keep you looking younger and feeling healthier.At Vitality NP NYC, nurse practitioner Svetlana Pyatigorskaya  has more than 30 years of experience with anti-aging techniques. She works independently and diligently to provide a range of unique immunotherapy services in Downtown New York City, including:Glutathione IV treatmentsGlutathione injectionsGlutathione IV dripsCompounded glutathione therapies

What Are the Benefits of Glutathione?

Sometimes called a super antioxidant, the glutathione compound is produced almost entirely in your liver and within your central nervous system. It functions as a super protein to protect your body by:
  • Eliminating unwanted and harmful toxins, including alcohol, medications and street drugs
  • Removing carcinogens or deformed, diseased cells to keep them from damaging healthy cells
  • Helping promote and preserve your health, vitality and overall wellness
  • Promoting good circulation
  • Lubricating all movement within each essential body system
  • Carrying and distributing nutrients and vitamin supplements within your cellular network
By keeping your system free of harmful toxins, your appearance becomes more vital and vibrant, which progressively slows the process of getting older. Glutathione supplements can be taken orally, but it’s much more effective — and acts faster — through glutathione IV treatments or glutathione injections. The major contributions of this antioxidant include:
  • Processing your body’s nutrient supply
  • Jumpstarting your immune system and initiating its functions
  • Reducing and eliminating oxidative stress within your body

Why Should I Get Glutathione Injections?

Harmful toxins can quickly accumulate in your internal organs and cause a variety of harmful, chronic, and sometimes fatal health conditions. The best way to ensure that your body remains healthy and you continue to feel good is to remove these toxins from your system before they have a chance to attack healthy cells.

Glutathione injections and many other cutting-edge IV therapies  are offered by your NYC anti-aging specialist at Vitality NP NYC. These treatments address a wide variety of health conditions that result from poor immune system health. Glutathione deficiencies and a buildup of harmful chemicals in your body can lead to a range of illnesses, such as:

How Does Glutathione IV Therapy Help My Body Get Healthier?

Excessive amounts of built-up toxins in your body, over an extended amount of time, can cause irreversible damage and even death. Clinical studies have proven that the use of glutathione IV drip therapy is extremely beneficial. The treatment provides relief — and in some cases reverses — chronic conditions, such as

Having a therapeutic program that includes glutathione injections or IV glutathione drips can benefit you by providing a faster method for your body to receive the nutrients and detoxifying benefits of this powerhouse antioxidant. Vitality NP NYC specializes in finding the unique treatment plan to fit your individual health care needs.

Does Glutathione IV Drip Therapy Work?

Oral supplements must pass through your body’s digestive tract, which reduces the absorption of important nutrients. Various clinical studies have proven that the use of glutathione injections or IV glutathione therapy are considerably faster and more beneficial to your body by quickly:

Intravenous glutathione treatment is without parallel. It strengthens your body to be healthier and helps prevent chronic disease. However, injections must be performed by a qualified, properly certified healthcare professional in a clean, safe environment, all of which you find at Vitality NP NYC in Downtown Manhattan. Contact the center today <Link to Contact> to learn more about this life-changing process.

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Svetlana Pyatigorskaya is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and American Board Anti Aging Health Practitioner. She lives and practicing in New York.