IV Custom Therapy

IV Custom Therapy

Nutritional IV supplementation is one of the most used and powerful tools of regenerative medicine.

IV (intravenous infusion) is simple procedure used in medicine for many different reasons for exceptionally long time. It is very possible you had this procedure done at some point of your life if you had been in the hospital or even been treated for medical problem at your doctor office or at home. IV infusion can be given to replace fluids lost as results of fever, vomiting or diarrhea.

Antibiotics are often given IV for moderate and severe infection when oral medications are not enough. There are many other uses for IV medications.

Nutritional IV therapy is different from those causes of above because it is elective and does not treat life-threatening medical condition. Instead it helps to optimize your body by providing every day needed substances which are important for normal body functioning. It is truth the most components used in IV nutritional drips can be found as the pills at any nutritional stores. However, major difference between pills and IV drips is how much of supplement became available for your body. Pills are subject of how much of supplement can cross from your stomach into the blood stream and became available for cells to use. IV nutrient goes straight to the blood stream. As result, it became universally available for body to use, in concentration enough to meet all the needs. The nutrients used for elective IV therapy are usually water soluble and excess would be eliminated through natural paths withing next 2-3 days. Because of this fact, overdose is highly unlikely.

We are offering wide spectrum IV nutritional drips based of protocols of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the professional organization focused on increasing human life spine by optimization of health and prolong active and productive years. Those protocols are based on both scientific research and many years of expert practice.

Our protocols include but not limited to Mayer’s cocktail, Glutathione infusions, respiratory and cardiolvascular support infusions, chronic fatigue therapy, high dose Vitamin C drips, immune drips, detoxication protocols, wound healing support and more.

We provide and highly recommend evaluation with lab works. This information allows to rule out medical conditions responsible for symptoms your experienced, but not known to you; as much as allow us to understand better your body needs and create unique IV vitamins and minerals formulations to meet your personal needs at best.

IV infusion Mayers’ cocktail

Mayers’ cocktail is mix of vitamins and minerals which used as supportive therapy to treat multiple medical conditions. The most common reason for this infusion is chronic fatigue, but it is known to be used for many other conditions, including immune support, acute and chronic viral infections, respiratory infections, fibromyolgia, muscular aches and chronic pain. Mayers’ cocktail is safe for most of the people and is a good choice of general health support. It is also very effective treatment for people with gastrointestinal enetrapathy (decreased ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins) of wide range of origin, include Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis, surgical loss of part of intestine, and malabsorbtion due to bariatric surgery status.

IV Glutathione

Glutathione is a tri-peptide found in high concentration in almost every cell of human body and is naturally produces by our body. The concentration of glutathione may decrease due to many reasons, such as poor nutrition, environmental toxins and stress.

Intravenous Glutathione is popular choice for regenerative IV therapy and is used to restore cell health as antioxidant, for detoxification especially environmental and ingested toxins (such as alcohol) affecting liver health. Glutathione is powerful supportive treatment which known to improve wide range of neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, “braine fog”, multiple sclerosis, “chemo braine” and neuropathy. Indication of glutathione therapy include autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and diabetes, hyperlipedemia.

Intravenous glutathione administration is most effective way to deliver this supplement to human body.

Glutathione infusions work the best in combination with Mayers cocktail.

High dose vitamin C infusion

High dose IV vitamin C drips is a combination of vitamins and mineral which use high dose of vitamin C, 5-10 folds higher concentration compare for regular vitamin drips such as Mayers’ cocktail. This infusion takes 2-3 hours of infusion time and need more preparation compare to less concentrated solutions.

Main indications for high dose Vitamin C infusions are infections, cancer, allergies Lyme disease, chronic viral infections.

Tissue and Wound Healing IV infusion

This protocol is helpful for people with poor tissue healing ability. It most helpful for those who has chronic wounds and poor healing skin ulcers. Since poor skin healing is usually coexist with more serious health conditions and nutritional deficits, nutritional mix used for tissue healing enhancing is usually beneficial for general health status and often improve chronic conditions as much.

Macular Degeneration IV

This infusion protocol is helpful for macular degenerative condition. This infusion has more enriched minerals and trace elements formulations and also is supportive for more then just eyes health.