Feminizing Hormone Therapy

There’s absolutely nothing comfortable about living in a male body when you know that you are truly a woman. During the process of understanding that you are transgender, you may want to undergo extensive transgender male-to-female hormone replacement therapy to feel right. It’s a daunting prospect, but put yourself in the capable hands of a compassionate, experienced specialist in feminizing hormonal therapy for the transgendered. In Downtown New York City, meet a qualified, certified nurse practitioner at Vitality NP NYC who can help you through the process. Call today for an initial conversation about the possibilities of entering a new life based on your truth.

What Is Feminizing Hormone Therapy?

Feminizing hormone therapy entails administering hormones and medications that promote physical characteristics in line with the female gender identity or expression. Transgender persons transitioning from male to female also receive medication to block testosterone. In this type of transgender hormone therapy, your specialist relies on a variety of different medications to promote feminine secondary sexual characteristics, depending on your health, your goals and your specific needs. These hormonal medications include:
  • Estrogen
This is the hormone responsible for feminine characteristics. By increasing the level of this hormone in your body, you induce feminine physical changes that normally occur during puberty.
  • Anti-androgens
These are testosterone blockers to reduce male hormone characteristic levels.
  • Progesterone
Used in conjunction with other medications, increases feminization and helps prevent common female disorders, such as low bone density and breast cancer. Without enough information on feminizing hormonal therapy for the transgendered, many people who would benefit from this treatment miss out. Vitality NP NYC in New York City is headed by Svetlana Pyatigorskay a transgender hormonal therapy specialist. An experienced nurse practitioner, Svetlana provides a conducive environment for transgender male-to-female hormone replacement therapy.

What Are the Physical Effects of Feminizing Hormone Therapy?

The main goal of feminizing hormone therapy is to induce physical changes in your body that female hormones would ordinarily cause during puberty. This aligns your gender identity and your body’s physical features to achieve gender congruence. Some of the expected changes with feminizing hormonal therapy for the transgendered include:
  • Permanent breast enlargement
  • Shrinking of testes
  • Decreased sperm production
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Fewer spontaneous erections
  • Less oily skin
  • Thinning of facial hair
  • Body fat redistribution to the buttocks, hips, thighs and face
Your hormonal therapy specialist discusses these changes before commencing the treatment. It’s crucial to understand the permanence of some of the changes before you take the first step in this therapy. At Vitality NP NYC, Svetlana consults with you extensively before starting the therapy procedure.

Can Feminizing Hormone Therapy Improve My Life?

For those transitioning from male to female (MTF), transgender male-to-female hormone replacement therapy has a revolutionary effect on their lives. Multiple psychological and sociological benefits accompany the physical changes you experience during this therapy, including:
  • Lowered emotional stress that often accompanies transgender confusion
  • Enhanced psychological comfort, as you look more like you feel
  • Better control of your emotions like anger and anxiety
  • More relaxed in sociological settings, as you find your place in society
  • Better quality of life by feeling more comfortable in your body
  • Improved sexual life
If you’re a transgender person in transition, you need a certified hormonal therapy specialist to work with you. It’s a long process to transition; it may continue for years. When you rely on Svetlana Pyatigorskaya at Vitality NP NYC, you get a dedicated nurse practitioner who’s experienced in transgender hormone therapy to help you through it all. How Do I Prepare for Feminizing Hormone Therapy? Before commencing feminizing hormone therapy, your Downtown Manhattan nurse practitioner provides all the necessary information about the treatment. You must participate in a number of conversations, as well as undergo therapy as needed to build your confidence. Svetlana’s goal is to help you make an informed decision. She’s worked with many transgender people, and therefore she understands the importance of full disclosure and preparation. Some of the areas you need to address before you start the feminizing hormone therapy include:
  • Expected physical body changes
  • Your goals, ensuring that you maintain realistic expectations
  • The risks and side effects that may be involved
  • The impact on your fertility
  • The impact on your fertility
  • The effects of this therapy on your libido
  • An evaluation of your medical history to rule out any severe medical conditions, relying on lab tests, a review of your immunizations and other medical tests when warranted
  • A mental health evaluation
  • Determining the best therapy protocol to use, such as pills, injections or patches
  • Aftercare procedures and follow-up requirements
  • Consent for adolescents younger than age 18
  • Background checks to rule out forced feminization hormone therapy
A lot of work and expertise goes into successful transgender male-to-female hormone replacement therapy procedures. This is not a process to take lightly. Contact Vitality NP NYC for a consultation. Meet the best transitioning professional in NYC, a dedicated feminizing hormone therapy specialist who cares.

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Svetlana Pyatigorskaya is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and American Board Anti Aging Health Practitioner. She lives and practicing in New York.