PRP Facial

PRP Skin Rejuvenation

This procedure is step up compare to Vampire Facial. During this procedure PRP product is injected into the skin with needle and syringe. In the skin, growing factors release and they activate chain of chemical events similar to those we have during minor trauma. The process resulted in activation of natural stem cells in the skin, cologne formation and repairing skin defects accumulated through life time. It helps to reduce appearance of superficial wrinkles and does minor restoration of subdermal volume, though less than it can be achieved with dermal fillers.

PRP SKIN Rejuvenation is great to be combined with microneedling. In this combination, microneedline helps to destroy scar-like tissue in the skin and creates the pathway for young skin resurfacing.

This combination is also very effective for large pours reduction.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation with Bio Fillers.

This procedure is similar to PRP Skin Rejuvenation with one addition. Some part of PRP product is taking and mixed with platelets activator, then processed in the Bio Filler Incubator to be turn into thicker substance, which stays in the skin longer, creating more volume. It is also beneficial for treating the most damaged area of the skin, since prolong exposure to growing factor stimulates more healing.

Vampire Facial

Vampire facial is CMA protocol based procedure, the one well discussed on TV and at public media. This procedure beneficial for superficial skin rejuvenation purposes and combines benefits of medical microneedeling with exposure to platelets released growing factor, promotes freshness and healthy look of the skin. It is potential for superficial scars reduction.

There are no injections done during this procedure. Blood is draw from your vein, then PRP products prepared. PRP applied to your skin superficially, following microneedeling using dry needle dermapen device.

Vampire Face Lift

Vampire facelift yet another procedure regulated by CMA protocol. This procedure combines the benefits of dermal filler and PRP treatments. First, filler place in the designated area of the face, creating volume replacement and support. Then PRP product administrated on the top of the fillers in the same areas. Because dermal fillers are hydrophilic, PRP assures most effective extension of the medications for the best possible effect. PRP product release growing factors stimulates the rejuvenation of the collagen and restoration of the skin. Working together, those two components promotes most effective correction of the age-related changes of the face.